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Why Forms Logic focuses on Wealth Management with Rick Burgess on The Customer Wins podcast

Rick Burgess, CEO of Forms Logic discusses why they focus on Wealth Management on The Customer Wins podcast with Rich Walker

Webinar Series - Presented by Finlocity

Forms Logic participates in the XCELLR8 Summit series of webinars to financial services. Learn more from each of the webinars below:

Straight Through Processing for Alts

During the XCELLR8 Alts Investing Online Summitby Finlocity Rick Burgess presents information on how Alternative Investment Products can be integrated into the Navigator Platform for easier processing.

Digital Processing of Alts for Improved Compliance

Learn from the latest presentation by Rick Burgess from the Xcellr8 Bank & Trust Summit. Discover the advantages of using digital management of forms processing to help you achieve compliance in your processes.

RIA Transitions Made Easy

At the XCELLR8 RIA & WealthTech Online Summitpresented by Finlocity Rick Burgess discusses how to enable easier transition of new clients into your paperwork.

Harvesting the Benefits of Next Gen SmartForms

For the the XCELLR8 Advisor FinTech Online Summit, Rick Burgess presents showcases how to improve your automated paperwork processes.

New Account Opening from 50k Feet

Rick Burgess featured on the XCELLR8 BD Operations Online Summit from Finlocity. Learn how Broker/Dealers can take advantage of the benefits to using the Navigator Platform for back office processing.