Data as a Platform? Wait what?

Data is an incredibly powerful tool for making better decisions that impact everyone in the financial services value chain. Clients, Advisors, Broker/Dealers, RIAs, Custodians, Fin-techs, and others benefit from shared data.
Data Forms

A form is a form is a form

Data is everywhere in the financial services industry, but most firms struggle with collecting, storing, managing, protecting, and utilizing it. Whether it's client data, investment portfolio data, application data, brokerage account data,

Client Input: The Powerful Weapon

One nightmare scenario for Broker/Dealers is a transaction that gets delayed because of paperwork. But it’s all too real a scenario when advisors or back-office staff have to manually input client information.

Eliminate Advisor Frustration

We’ve seen it happen too many times. An advisor has a transaction to process, and time is of the essence. They pull together all the required forms (or so they think) and set about completing them with the client – a time-consuming and tedious task that’s a part of the routine process.

Taking Care of the Traumatized Broker/Dealer

One of the worst things we see in the financial services industry is failed technology implementations and deployments. Many Broker/Dealers on a quest to deliver better service to their advisors – while at the same time endeavoring to reduce their processing costs – have been left traumatized by the fintech providers they entrusted with their firm’s modernization.

Eliminating NIGO: One of the Critical Missions

One of the critical missions of Forms Logic is to reduce dramatically – and eliminate where possible – instances of NIGO (not in good order) documents. In any industry that uses paper documents to be filled out, a document is considered “not in good order” when it is submitted with missing or inaccurate information.

Implementation Woes . . . and the Nightmare

For the financial firm that wants to simplify its paperwork and shore up its back-office processes but wonders if the current platform providers on the market can deliver what they promise, we at Forms Logic understand. We’ve worked hard to become great at helping financial firms complete and transmit important information quickly while dramatically cutting implementation

How Do You Select the Right e-Sign Provider?

DocuSign is like Kleenex or Xerox in the e-sign world. It’s such a dominant brand that it sometimes gets confused with the entire industry. (Ever offer someone a Kleenex and then hand them a Puffs? Grandpa Puffs hates when you do that but this is the power of branding.) But DocuSign is far from the only e-sign vendor in the field, and for many companies it’s not the one that makes the most sense for them to be using. DocuSign is a very robust technology, and you’ll never go wrong using it. But DocuSign also bills you large amounts in advance, regardless of how (or how little) you use it. For companies whose e-sign needs don’t match that type of billing arrangement, it makes sense to look for another option. But how do you choose?