End Fat-Fingering . . . and Give Advisors Pre-Populated Forms

Financial advisors have every reason to hate what they call “fat-fingering.” Fat-fingering is the frustrating exercise of manually inputting all the information needed to complete a form.

What is the client’s first, middle, and last name? Tap those keys to input the information. Social Security number? Have the client repeat it twice, and don’t forget that the dashes go after the third and fifth numerals (but, of course, you knew that).

Oh, by the way, that data you entered? If it is not valid, you’ve got a (not in good order) NIGO problem on your hands – and you’ll have to do the whole thing over again.

Broker/Dealers know that their advisors hate fat-fingering. It’s time-consuming and tedious, resulting in NIGO errors more often than not.

The Broker/Dealers who are attracting the best advisors are the ones with the best technology stack – they are the ones who can ease, simplify, and speed up processes so advisors can be more focused on their expertise.
The Navigator platform from Forms Logic provides Broker/Dealers with a better solution for advisors.

The Navigator platform is not just electronic form-filling. It’s completing forms using pre-populated data – information already entered and confirmed by clients. And our platform knows precisely where the information goes on each form. This data is persistent across all forms and can easily exist from one instance to another.

One of the best functions of Navigator is the data validation that comes native to the platform. This validation is right inside the pre-populated form and will validate the correct information while providing simple steps to address anything that isn’t correct. So the completion of client forms – from onboarding, transactions, or any other use, moves from a time-consuming, tedious process to a quick, simple, and accurate one.

End fat-fingering. End time-wasting NIGO headaches. Give advisors every reason to want to be part of your Broker/Dealer operation.

Navigator is the answer.