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Digital Processing for your Advisor's Business

Take advantage of automated form processing for financial services. We have developed a set of workflows and custodial form standards common for RIA, Broker/Dealers, and Financial Advisors, that are easily integrated into your everyday processing.

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Revolutionizing the way organizations manage Data &

Forms Logic has pioneered the cloud-based technology that transforms your experience managing paperwork. With the ability to save and retrieve tens of thousands of forms, to remember information and to apply even the most raw data, Forms Logic’s technology allows you to do in minutes what used to take hours – and to make the process more thorough and accurate than ever before.






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Our Platform is preferred by RIAs, Broker/Dealers, Alternative Providers and other Financial Firms. Choose standard or customized workflows. Easily access internal, product and custodial forms. Integrate into your CRM. Connect to e-Signature platforms. Automate onboarding. Transition new advisors or acquisitions. Create efficient processes. Own your data.

Reduce Cost and Improve efficiency

Deliver an efficient and affordable solution.

save time and achieve greater accuracy

Configure the integrated platform you always envisioned.

Challenges for Financial Firms 

Compliance and regulatory demands have increasingly paralyzed the financial services industry. In addition, the inefficient, expensive paper-based procedures cut into profits and unnecessarily complicate workflow, making business more complicated for financial advisors trying to increase profits and remain competitive.

Accurate client information 
Poor client onboarding process, handwritten information with difficult to read or illegible scanned documents make for a sub optimal client experience. 
Multiple review stages  
Long and multiple stage reviews are common and create dependencies for compliance approvals. 
Not In good order (Nigo) 
Missing or inaccurate information hinder workflows and can be very disruptive. Any delay can result in lost sales opportunities, and negative client experiences.
Multiple custodians and Wet Signatures
Every custodian manages paperwork differently. Also, chasing down physical signatures or ensuring the proper e-signature process presents additional challenges.

Business Benefits

Eliminate Manual Entry

Save hours of time by eliminating manual and duplicate entry of data with pre-population through integrations or by entering it in only once.

Achieve Greater Accuracy

Data is persistent and stored along the way which avoids mistakes and lowers your Not-In-Good-Order rate.

Updated Library of Forms

We maintain most traditional and self-directed custodians' forms database through API connectivity to ensure up-to-date forms. We also allow you to upload your own forms which provides a seamless experience for your clients.

Simple User Interface

Our platform interface is easy to use with a visual design to keep you on task with a workflow interface to get business done.

Standard Workflows

We pre-populate the platform with standard workflows you use everyday. New account opening, new business processing, or any transaction you want to move from point A to Z.

Custom Workflows

Built your own workflows unique to your firm to integrate your process with your custodian.

Premier New Client Experience

Easily onboard new clients with a simplified paperwork process that integrates wet or e-signatures, avoids confusion and optimizes your clients first-time experience.


Gain the visibility you need into your business through our reporting which helps to expose problems and delays.

Compliance Benefits

Books and Records 17-a3 and 17-a4 Compliant

Our application allows you to create, and preserve in an easily accessible manner, a comprehensive record of each securities transaction of your securities business.


Our network security measures are among the industry’s highest-performing deep packet inspection systems for cloud-based services.

256-bit Encryption

Each document deposited into our platform is individually encrypted using the highest standard of encryption algorithms. These are the same algorithms used by the world’s largest banks.


We capture all aspects of the e-signature process. With each e-signing, our audit trail includes email, IP addresses, and the exact time of signing.

Unique and Secure User Roles

We’ve built a configurable hierarchal security model. This enables us to set security parameters around filing cabinets, indexing fields, document types, and even notes, so only those who need access are given access.

FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory

Our platform is listed on the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory where we've responded to a comprehensive set of questions about our compliance offerings.

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